Wednesday, February 10, 2010

31 weeks....or so

We were able to see precious Wyatt once again during an ultrasound today. He has been moving around quite a bit, so it was nice to see how he was positioned! The ultrasound was being used to measure Wyatt and make sure that the due date was pretty much still the same. He measured about four days ahead and weighed around 4 pounds. Really? 4 pounds already?...good grief. So we still have 8 weeks or more to go! Ive attached two pictures: one from the first scan at 20 weeks and then his profile from today 31 weeks.


Marc said...

Can't wait to hold little Wyatt. Speirs is getting too big for me to pick up!

Maria said...

So many new lives coming into the world this year, very happy for you and Craig.