Wednesday, November 23, 2011

State Fair

Remember last post when I said our family was awesome? Here is example number 2, Grandma B took off from work on a Monday to join us at the State Fair, where the corn is always delicious, the animals always stink, the rides are iffy, and NC State knows how to serve up some ice cream:)!

We discovered that Speirs is a maniac when it comes to rides. LOVED THEM. The faster the better. We were thankful he was just tall enough to enjoy them!

Ferris wheel with B

Fire truck ride with Daddy

Mikes Farm

Wow. I love our family. Our boys are really blessed to have two sets of grandparents that really love them and that jump through hoops and drive hours just to see them even if its only for a couple of hours. Back in October, we (my parents, Craigs parents,my bro, sis and niece...see...just awesome) all met at Mikes Farm for dinner, animals, a hay ride, and a pumpkin patch. I held out at buying a pumpkin until we were able to get one here! The boys enjoyed feeding the goats-out of their hand-gross, and that hay ride was a hit.

Presley our niece

Apple Picking and Tire Swings

I really wanted to take the boys apple picking this year and thankfully I have an awesome husband who gladly agreed! It doesn't seem like the most exciting thing but I really want the boys to know that food grows and doesn't just appear in the grocery store. It's a part of God's design and He brings the harvest. Despite understanding this concept, I really take it for granted, so apple picking was a great activity for us all! Oddly enough the orchard we chose had just had the busiest weekend in its history so it was slim and I mean slim pickins' out there. Craig was the awesome dad who climbed one of the trees to get some of the last apples on the trees! I don't know if you are allowed to climb the trees-but to get apples on this day, you had to!

Wyatt was wore out after about the second tree, so all of the pictures show him lagging behind. His little legs don't move quite fast enough. We enjoyed some wine cake and tire swinging when we were done, which was hands down the best part!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Just Cute

I don't really have much to say other than I picked out the boys clothes and Craig did not:)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Hair

This was the scene in the boys room the other night...kind of hilarious. Speirs had a hair in his mouth and insisted that Craig get it out. Perfect time for the head lamp!

Open big and wide.

The extraction.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Craig and I regularly TRAIN and its something that we both enjoy. Craig really enjoys it. I just enjoy it. Thankfully we have our own equipment in the garage ie barbells, plates, squat rack, dumbells, and rings so it cuts down on time away from the family-and free is always good on the budget. A lot of times we are all in the garage cheering Daddy and Mommy on and watching the boys try to imitate our movements. Its really funny: they like to grunt and pretend to strain (They already aren't welcome at Planet Fitness). We warm up in the house and this is how it usually goes. Foam rolling with the boys laying all over us or them "warming up" too. We love that we can pass this love of fitness on to them!


Speirs and Wyatt love all things Firefighting. I know Craig loves that they love what he does-and I do too. I am so proud of Craig. It sounds cheesy, but I know my husband would lay down his life serving others if that's what it came to. I obviously don't ever want anything to happen to him- but it doesn't scare me when he tells me that they had a fire call. I get excited knowing that he was able to help someone on a potentially really bad day. Plus we get fire calls all the time around here and I have two small firefighters that gladly run around putting them out!

Fire on the window...."PSSSSSHHHHHHH"

Fun in the Sandbox

This is where our boys spend most of their mornings and afternoons. My parents bought this table for Christmas last year and it has been worth every. single. penny. The sand table doesn't look like this anymore, as all of the sand is pretty much on the patio. After the thousandth time of saying, "Keep the sand in the box," I relented and let them put it on the porch. They seem to have more fun that way, and I do too. It's nice to just relax and let things get messy sometimes.


this is how happy we are in the sand.

Oh yeah.

I got glasses.

And a sweet new camera-from my amazing husband-hence all the wonderful pictures.

Dan Nicholas Park

We traveled back to Dan Nicholas Park in Salisbury, NC recently and it was a great success! Wyatt was able to run around instead of sit in the stroller and Speirs had a lot of fun too. DN Park is a true gem! The prices are fair (you can't beat 50 cents for activities), the animals (petting zoo and zoo) are always a hit and the sweet playgrounds are great too! We also rode the train and the carousel- Not a bad day! Then Craig and I decided to treat ourselves to lunch and coffee and a ride through uptown Charlotte....because it's only right up the road:)

This is typical of how walking around goes with the boys. Speirs trying really hard to keep up....and Wyatt too.

We like to play too.

I absolutely love Speirs face.

Catch Up

I inevitably go through this. I stop blogging and must play a bit of catch up. And I would never hold out any promises that this won't happen again...because it most certainly will. But here we go.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Christ has RISEN!

In talking about why we get to celebrate Easter...

Me: "Speirs, God raised Jesus from the dead!"
Speirs: "OH SNAP"

Priceless. I love this boy and how God is shaping his mind.

Christ is Risen! Christ is Risen indeed! Alleluia! Happy Easter!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Recently, upon the introduction from a waitress, Speirs proceeded to tell her matter of factly that he was "Peirs." This has happened on a couple of other occasions, which, to us, is hilarious. Im glad he doesn't have the shy bone yet!

I have been told recently that he is looking more like a little boy and losing the baby- he sure has lost the chub! Those cheeks are just hereditary...

Here are some pictures of our growing boy who LOVES music, singing songs, danging, cars, trains, airplanes, puzzles, raisins-from the box, bi-cuts, eating an apple through the core, all animals, climbing "tall mountains," running, playing at the sand table, coloring, counting, singing the alphabet, and giving sweet kisses!