Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Wyatt

Post Nap time uniform.


Sweet Melissa...this is what asking him to put on his own pants and underwear leads to...

This is where he typically watches movies....not in the living room

"Das Scarwy"

This is the official West male sleeping position
i like books

and ice cream
Our two year old is growing.  I'm not sure what happened but we blinked and he became quite a big kid and his personality is absolutely hilarious.  Wyatt is scared of everything, cries at everything (this is mildly annoying), loves to be read to, loves ice cream, loves running around in his underwear, insists on putting on rain boots only to cry about them a few minutes later, his feet resemble Shrek's, he is articulating quite well these days, is uber serious, watches movies in the theatre...from the floor (see my first descriptor), loves to sit in my lap (for 15 seconds), loves his bike, and running, and trucks, can tell me the alphabet letters and their sounds, falls constantly, has a little kid lisp and is becoming more independent, and seems to be enjoying his new little brother and annoying the oldest! If you haven't had a conversation with this kid-you should. He's a pretty funny character.