Monday, June 29, 2009

Afternoon in the Park

Living in a city is great, you dont have to have swings in your backyard you can just walk up the street to the local park. Free Fun for an 8 month old....and who am I kidding...for two 24 year olds too! We did some swinging and throwing the baseball.

2 Years

Craig and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on May 19th. What a special two years it has been! We have certainly learned a lot about marriage and God's purpose for it. I love this quote by John Piper and I am learning more and more about how to live it out.

"...That is what love is: the pursuit of our own joy in the joy of the beloved."

I can definitely say that our marriage is sweeter today than on May 19, 2007 and what a blessing that is!

We waited to actually "celebrate" when we would be going on vacation for our friends weddings in Virginia and Maryland. We ate at the Chart House in Annapolis, MD and loved it. Here are some pics from that wonderful Saturday in May 2007.

My beautiful maid of honor...Ms. Megan MRS. Megan CARR:)

My beautiful friends that are lights in my life.

These were just setting the tone for the numerous dance parties that go on in the West home, car, etc. etc. Our children will one day get to play a part in these.

Look at Daniel Bass' face....he had just pegged Craig in the face with bird seed...HA...good times!