Saturday, February 27, 2010


Speirs got his first tattoo the other day compliments of our pastor Stephen Wagoner.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This one is for Jules!

Im not big on belly pictures, so here is to Julianna, my friend in a far, distant country who doesn't get to see the baby bump and who has been really wanting to see a picture! And for Megan as well, you are pretty much in a far distant country and won't get to see this fantastic bump. HA! Love you girls and miss you much! 33 weeks and counting....

Monday, February 22, 2010

On the reading list...

Aside from holding fast to the Word, I have been reading a lot of different books these days. Some how staying off of facebook has opened up lots of avenues during nap time:) Most recently The Birthbook by Dr. Sears. Natural birth is pretty intimidating to me, even after having endured 12 hours of labor drug free, there are so many different variables that go into each birth, and so many possible complications. While Im not a pessimist, (I think this birth will go great), I am a realist and understand that there are risks with any delivery, drugs or not. This book has calmed my fears once and is slowly doing the same for the pending arrival of Wyatt- honestly though, I fear that big needle for an epidural or the possibility of a c-section much more than I fear sitting in transition for an hour or two!

Toddlerwise has been another quick read for me. We are moving into/have been in a season of constant correction and redirection for Speirs, which has been exhausting to say the least. With his feet able to take him where he desires to go, mischief and curiousity are always in pursuit. So since Craig and I have taken the advice of the Toddlerwise authors before, while reading Babywise, and the results were fantastic, I decided there was no harm in reading what they had to say about this upcoming year in the life of our toddler. I feel energized and refreshed with a slightly different perspective on the correction that Speirs certainly needs-and ready to get really serious about actively parenting. And once again Babywise is on the to read list these days. We are getting down to the wire and I can't help but feel like I have forgotten the wise council I was given so long ago:) 33 weeks tomorrow and so much to accomplish in the next 6-7 weeks! Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

1.21 Workday

I have been so excited to see how the future home of 1.21 church at 903 N. Cherry Street has been restored over the past months. There have been quite a few people who have put endless hours into getting the building ready to pass code, painting, construction work, cleaning up and it really looks great! This past weekend was one of the final, if not the final work day in the new building, and Craig along with other men from our church showed up to help. Speirs and I delivered lunch and one of our friends Daniel, who is a student at the School of the Arts got some really cute shots of Speirs. I am blessed to have friends with such talent!

I love this picture of Craig and Speirs!

Friday, February 12, 2010


These pictures were too cute to pass up. Speirs carried around his Elmo live today and had a bit of trouble actually picking him up. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Facebook: Friend or Foe?

Facebook. The wonderful social networking tool that has plenty of us "networked," but at what cost? Sure, I "love" spending mindless hours looking at "friends" pictures and reading the deep or witty things that my acquaintances have to say; however, I have recently been convicted over the amount of time I spend on this great networking tool. I have replaced deep meaningful relationships, with the occasional post on a wall. Even, great friends who I have the opportunity to dig deeper with, be discipled by, be held accountable for my actions to, and "do life" together with I have chosen to communicate with via facebook instead of picking up the phone and making actual contact. Seems like, in my case anyway, that something that was meant to bring us all closer together has driven many of us into complacency, especially when it comes to gospel-centered friendships, and it is for this reason that I have been much grieved lately.

In addition, my time with family is in serious need of redemption. I can't tell you how many hours have been wasted on the internet when I could be doing things to free up my time with Craig and Speirs. But selfishly, I have chosen to seek my own and justified it with so many excuses.

With that, I am deactivating and stepping away from facebook for a while-possibly forever. There was life before facebook, right? The old days of email and telephone calls are back for this lady. I will continue to blog, thankfully without the distraction and curiousity of what everyone is doing, so my time on the internet should be shorter. I pray that this time is redeemed for the glory of Christ and not for myself, that I would pursue sanctification with the help of the Spirit through the Word, prayer, my marriage, family and friends. My email address is if you need to get up with me....and ofcourse here on Days Like This:)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

31 weeks....or so

We were able to see precious Wyatt once again during an ultrasound today. He has been moving around quite a bit, so it was nice to see how he was positioned! The ultrasound was being used to measure Wyatt and make sure that the due date was pretty much still the same. He measured about four days ahead and weighed around 4 pounds. Really? 4 pounds already?...good grief. So we still have 8 weeks or more to go! Ive attached two pictures: one from the first scan at 20 weeks and then his profile from today 31 weeks.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

1.21 Corporate Worship

I love worshiping corporately at Foothills in Downtown! Sunday mornings are such a blessing:) That is all.