Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I wept.

Death always always always shocks me. Perhaps I haven't dealt with it enough or perhaps even if I had, it would still make me weep every time. If the person is 85 or 25, I can't seem to wrap my mind around the fact that I will never see them physically on earth again. Last night, my mom called to tell me that a beloved friend from high school, Jon Green, passed away. The initial hit struck hard and after hanging up the phone I sat in shock. The shock only lasted so long before I started sobbing over the life of a friend lost. His smile was contagious and his personality was top notch. No one met him who didn't love him. I haven't seen him in years but I am pretty confident by the notes on facebook that he was still the same Jon, making people laugh and loving life. He was a son, a brother, and a friend who will be missed.

We weren't meant to taste death and maybe thats why it hurts so much. Jesus, we long for you to restore what is broken, come soon.