Sunday, September 6, 2009

Two Pink Lines....

And here the West's sit expecting baby no. 2! What an exciting time it is around here and yet so miserable:) Heartburn and nausea have left me on a couple of occasions out of order. I don't recall it being this bad with Speirs, but perhaps I have pushed a lot of things out of my mind dealing with pregnancy. A lot of women enjoy being preggo and I am not one of them. My friend Angela and I often talk about how great labor is! There is an end and the pain is so worth it!

Everyone keeps asking us if we were "trying" for a girl. I love my boy and for some reason think we will be the family with all boys, but if it is a girl that would not dissapoint...and neither would a boy. We will be happy either way! So Speirs will be a big brother...and we will have 2 under 2! Good times. April 13, 2010 we welcome you!

Pajama Time

I love these pajamas Craig's parents bought for Speirs.

Great Grandma's Rocking Chair

My Grandma made this rocking chair for Speirs before he was even a thought. When my cousin and her husband were expecting she went ahead and made each of her grandchildren's children a rocking chair with Mickey and Minnie on the front. I had to hammer the trash out of it to actually assemble it BUT it's together and still rocks and such. Speirs loves it!


I am really trying to get into sewing and hope to be able to craft some gifts for the Holidays. I have posted a few pictures of my first bag which was a gift to Jax before she left for San Fran. If I'm really honest with myself and she's honest with could have already fallen apart. BUT Im being optimistic and I was pretty happy with the product!