Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mom Fail: Hamburger Helper

So one of my friends from 1.21 nicely titled her lack of blogging as a "blog fail," and so I am aptly titling this post as mom fail. Yes, we had hamburger helper tonight. Can I get a gross?:) Maybe you like it and I mean no offense to anyone reading who may love hamburger helper and loves to cook it, I will admit it was quite simple, but I am a stay at home mom. I have time to plan for dinner! So here's to my mom fail...which certainly hasn't been my first, but definitely one of the most notable!:) By the way Speirs loved it...go figure.

The hamburger helper was served up after a day of two naps from me and very little done around the house, so perhaps Im feeling a little worthless; however, my back has been killing me all day. No contractions. Just good ole fashioned Im going to make you sit or lie down if you want any comfort back pain. Thankfully, this hasn't made me super impatient. I know Wyatt will be here with time, and I will have double the mom fails as we experience life with a toddler and a newborn!

Monday, March 8, 2010

But before I go...

So before we leave for the week, I have to post a picture of Speirs and make a quick shout out to my friend Angela over at Jak & Jewel.

So first, Speirs is into a stage where he loves to climb and sit, play, jump, stand, and dance on anything that he can. Lately, it has been his Radio Flyer Rocket that he received for Christmas. Thankfully, he continues to hold onto the handle bars, but Im pretty sure a time is coming where he will feel confident enough to stand all the way up....and hopefully I will have the camera ready:)

Secondly, I have blogged once before about my friend Angela and her mom Jeanette's fairly new business called Jak & Jewel where they have been making some pretty sweet little girls clothing. Well, wouldnt you know they have added some boy articles as well and I am super excited about the ties, tshirts, and shorts they are making---quality with a boy look! Sadly, I have found that you dont find that much with handmade boy clothes. Speirs made his modeling debut for Jak and Jewel a couple of weekends ago and I am excited about their upcoming Spring trunk shows! If you are or know parents of small children please check out the Jak & Jewel blog and pass on the word!

DC Bound

Perhaps it's not the most ideal time to head out of town, since we are a big (and I mean BIG) 35 weeks pregnant, but we are adventuring out any how! Craig and I will be headed to DC tomorrow with some friends of ours from 1.21. I am very excited for a little bit of a get a way before Wyatt arrives, and thankfully, I have wonderful in-laws who have graciously accepted to watching Speirs for the week:)! We will be back to North Carolina Friday, but not without seeing monuments, museums, Georgetown and checking out the musical Wicked in Richmond, VA on Thursday! So we are lacing up our walking shoes and heading out! Happy Week!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quick Update

I was really hoping that this winter weather system would skirt by the Triad without a flake; however, we have had no such luck! The snow is absolutely beautiful, but we are getting spring fever around the West house and are ready for some warmer temperatures! Despite wanting to go outside and play, the cold weather is fitting for the way Speirs has been feeling. He has been handling a double ear infection and bronchiolitis (sounds serious...but really just a cold) like a true champ. We had to miss corporate worship on Sunday morning because he didn't need to be in the kids area sporting a cold and there was no way I could coerce him into being quiet even for a minute in Foothills...they don't make that many RITZ crackers. It seems the only thing really bothering him about being sick is the diaper rash caused by the medicine. This has made diaper changing a terrible ordeal lately, and I will be glad when he is feeling better again!

We are 34 weeks today and I am looking forward to labor and having Wyatt here with us! In the mean time I have been nailing down a housekeeping schedule and schedule with Speirs that will carry us into this new season!

Craig has applied for a new job at the YMCA as the Associate Sports Director. We are praying he hears something back this week as it would allow him to be in Winston instead of communting to Greensboro every day! We would love for you to join us in praying for that!

Happy Tuesday!