Saturday, February 26, 2011


Recently, upon the introduction from a waitress, Speirs proceeded to tell her matter of factly that he was "Peirs." This has happened on a couple of other occasions, which, to us, is hilarious. Im glad he doesn't have the shy bone yet!

I have been told recently that he is looking more like a little boy and losing the baby- he sure has lost the chub! Those cheeks are just hereditary...

Here are some pictures of our growing boy who LOVES music, singing songs, danging, cars, trains, airplanes, puzzles, raisins-from the box, bi-cuts, eating an apple through the core, all animals, climbing "tall mountains," running, playing at the sand table, coloring, counting, singing the alphabet, and giving sweet kisses!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sweet Wyatt

Wyatt has gotten so big, being outweighed by big brother Speirs by only 5 pounds! His personality continues to bloom and we are blessed to see who he is becoming! He absolutely LOVES Craig and enjoys being around/ following around Speirs. He is a few weeks short of walking and those teeth continue to come in. We love this sweet boy!

Children's Museum-Chapel Hill

We spent time on Franklin St. a few weekends ago and got to hang out with cousin Julie, or "Juwie" as Speirs says, at the Chapel Hill Children's Museum.

Wyatt in the baby area.

Julie and Speirs building something awesome.

love this.
and this.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Growing up I was a boy at heart. I loved the woods, getting dirty, practicing soccer in the front yard until I could barely see the ball anymore, and building things. KNEX were my specialty and I loved seeing my finished work. I also loved playing with dolls-mainly to fix their ailments, teach them something over and over again, or cut their hair- but I despised getting dressed up and loved being in my umbros and soccer t-shirts.

God saw fit that we have two boys and it has worked out beautifully for me. I love our time crawling through tunnels, building "caves" with blankets and throwing the ball. As they get older, those times will grow few and mom will be an embarrassment, so for now, I'm soaking up my time in the trenches!

jumping on the bed.


The Natural Science Museum in Raleigh

For Christmas, the boys received a reciprocal membership to Children's museums across the US. It has been awesome, and it has paid for itself already! In addition to the children's museums we took up a chance to visit the free Natural Science museum in Raleigh a few weeks back. Here are just a couple pictures from the visit.

thats one big dino.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I love it when they love each other and Im bracing myself for the beat downs--it won't always be Speirs coming out on top!
Fixing things together.

Best one yet.