Friday, September 7, 2012

The Nomadic Life

Craig and I celebrated five years of marriage this May and while that doesn't seem like a really long time, we have experienced quite a bit together.  

We have lived in four different homes.

We have celebrated the birth of three handsome boys.

We have had too many jobs to count...okay, I will count....10...I think. One lay-off. Juggling three jobs...

And for full disclosure, we have lived below the US poverty line for a season during those five years....although because of the gospel community we were placed in and for family-we never ever suffered or wanted.  God is good. 

And here we are on the cusp of a new journey, one that brings us into the realities of the service and sacrifices of those who serve and have served our country in the Armed forces. It's the Army National Guard for us. There are nine and a half weeks of Basic Training, 12 weeks of Officers Candidate School and weeks of another Officers School after that. The sacrifice of time a way from family is becoming very real- Basic begins Oct 10th.

My husband has something deep within his soul that longs to serve and defend the weak.  He is a protector. A man's man. A sheep dog, while most of us are sheep.  God has knit that within him- I know this. There is no doubt in our decision as a family to provide this service for our country.    I trust that God is good.  He has good for our family. And our family, TEAM WEST, will ultimately serve the purpose that He has for us, even if that means we will be separated for a time. 

So we are packing up and getting ready for 6 months to a year of training and the nomadic life.  The boys and I are trading life in the Triad for one on the Coast (sounds glamorous until you find out it will be Fall, Winter, and early Spring while we are there), while Craig will be shaped and molded into a US Soldier. 

Nervous. Excited. Trusting. 

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