Sunday, September 9, 2012

Penning Gratitude

1. the crisp morning and reminder that Fall is coming
2. the sweet sounds of our infant sleeping

I am thankful.  I am not always thankful- but I am learning. I am learning to live with appreciation for the days and all that comes with it.  I am told, quite often, to enjoy my children because it goes by so fast and that I will miss the craziness.  I get it.  It does go by fast. The days are long and the years are short. My oldest turns 4 this year.  My infant is no longer a newborn-I know this because the fog of sleep deprivation has lifted.  And then they are walking and talking, running, biking, sassing, pretending, and joking- all gentle reminders that my boys are getting older and so am I. 

But this can't be, right? I'm the one who was just starting kindergarten, at my first soccer practice, learning to ride a bike, being read to by my daddy, playing house with Bridget and Brandie, walking through the woods (ummm did someone forget to tell me there were snakes out there?), riding in grandma's little red car, singing to the Judd's with my momma (knowing both of us can't carry a tune:)), trying to be my brother, watching baseball with my grandpa. I get it. It goes by fast.  

So what do we do with these days? These days that are going at a pace that matches the fast forward button on a VCR (a whaaat?). I can hear the tape in the cassette revving up now, moving at a steady clip and then stopping, like the video didn't realize there was an end with a loud, jolting snap.  

What do we do?

Be thankful to our Redeemer. 

Experience Joy.


Sometimes my days seem mundane and difficult and fast- but I'm learning thankfulness.  Ann Voskamp writes in her book One Thousand Gifts, 

"Because that habit of discontentment can only be driven out by hammering in one iron sharper.  The sleek pin of gratitude."

She began a journey of writing down the gifts (1,000 to be exact)- gifts that are often overlooked, everyday graces from God.  I still have chapters in the book to go, but I am inspired.  Here are my first two snippets of gratitude to God; to seeing the joy in the, sometimes, mundane days; reveling in joy in this short life that we live; cultivating a heart of gratefulness; penning gratitude.  

1. the crisp morning and reminder that Fall is coming
2. the sweet sounds of our Titus, sleeping



Michelle said...

Brittany- I was consumed by so much bitterness when daddy died and frustration when Matt and I divorced that I was missing out on all the things I have been Blessed with. I couldn't understand what I had done so wrong to deserve this, I was going to Church, praying, and still everything was falling apart. Then I finally learned that I was living my life the way I thought or should I say the way everyone else thought I should, it wasn't until recently that I put my trust in the Lord and am devoted to living for him and I can't begin to tell you the peace I feel even though things are still crazy I am not overwhelmed anymore and i am trying hard to pay more attention to all the Blessing and gifts that God has left for us. It is truely amazing how fulfilling a sunset can be or a flower blooming our children's hugs, a conversation and seeing the world through their eyes.

I am so inspired by your Blogs Love and miss you!

Brittany West said...

Michelle, I miss you too lady! My heart lept when I read that you "put your trust in the Lord." I'm thinking of and rejoicing with you. -Britt