Sunday, March 11, 2012

Project Simplify-Week 1 Kid's Stuff

So I've channeled my nesting energy and taken up Simple Mom's Project Simplify for the month of March. For four weeks, I will be tackling various projects around the house that always seem to slip through the cracks and go undone. Simple Mom has once again given me the motivation I need and the focus for a few hot spots in our home. Week one was to take on the "kid's stuff." This was quite timely, since toys, books, and puzzles had gotten out of control and the dresser was bursting with clothes that needed to be stored for Titus. I got a little bit of a late start since a finished product should have been posted two nights ago, but with potty training it was impossible to begin before Wednesday. The past few days have been spent creating a toy, book, and puzzle rotation-along with storing and organizing clothes. Thankfully, I had taken the time a few months ago to donate a bunch of toys, so this go around was about creating order and a manageable rotation.

Before: The Madness

After: Rearranged, organized, cleaned. BIG thanks to Craig who took on the weight of helping me rearrange.

Before: Closet with Toys-overflowing baskets and such

After: Toys pulled from the basket and stored away for the rotation- this had made clean up much easier

Now Im on to Week 2 and the kitchen pantry, fridge, and cabinets. Since, we live in a small home this doesn't seem like too crazy of a task!

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