Saturday, February 18, 2012

Moments Like THAT.

I have concluded in the three and a half months of having a three year old, that nothing about my oldest son being two compares to the past months of THREE. Three, it makes me cringe, seriously. Cue all things epically disastrous like bombs and explosions, volcanoes erupting, get the picture. We are experiencing tantrums that leave me looking in wonder, amid screams, tears, and stomping and thinking “who are you?” Recently we had a dinner disaster that ended in no dinner and bedtime at 5:30. Our two year old hasn’t slept through the night in about a week, because he is “cared” and he cries at the drop of a pin, most times, for no apparent reason. He's getting pretty good at walking around the house with his bottom lip stuck out so far he might trip. Yes, there are certainly days and moments like THAT. We all have quite some learning to do! Everyday is a new day filled with prayer for patience, that I don’t have, wisdom, that I long for, and discernment.

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