Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Waiting Game

Speirs came exactly one week before his due date and so for some reason I am thinking/hoping that lil Wyatt would like to one up his big brother and make an even earlier appearance; however, thus far we have had no such luck...obviously. We are still waiting for Wyatt. I have had sporadic contractions every day but nothing that has made me think that it could be time. I dont recall being this nervous about labor with Speirs, probably because I was unaware of the pain of transition. I remember the labor nurses asking me very early on in labor to rate the contractions on a scale of 1-10. Really? This was our first child, how does one know how bad it will get? Well what I thought could potentially be a 5 on the pain scale, became a 1.5 as I sat laboring through transition with some pretty back breaking 8's:). Most of what I have read has stated that transition and labor in general should be shorter than with the first, and this is my hope. The end is super close and we are so excited for Wyatt to join our family!

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