Sunday, August 24, 2008

Owen Speirs

Speirs is kicking around like crazy these days and loves to spend time in my ribs which isnt the most comfortable...but how exciting! Our time as a family of two is getting short! Our doctors appointments are every two weeks which makes time go by fast. I love going and hearing his little heart beat and anticipating his arrival. He should be here around Thanksgiving so we will be setting up some new traditions this year and staying in Greensboro for turkey day.

People ask me if Im getting anxious or scared of labor and I would have to say absolutely not. I think Im more anxious about not being completely informed on the decisions that Craig and I will have to make during our time in the hospital. So I have been reading the Birth Book and we have decided to deliver as naturally as we possibly can in the hospital for the health of Speirs and the experience. I am excited about how Craig will be able to play an active role in the delivery of our son.

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Elsa Canaan said... beautiful first-time-mom niece has completely lost her freakin' mind and not taking any drugs during labor! Please video tape this rare occasion as you turn into Linda Blair from the Exorcist, scream obscenities and then Craig passes out while they are sewing up your vagina. Keep me posted honey. Love you lots, Aunt Elsa