Saturday, August 9, 2008


Being in Greensboro has taught me a lot and put some action behind my words of faith. After much prayer and consideration, we decided on December 27, 2007 that we should move from Raleigh to Greensboro to help plant Passion and on the 31st we were settled in to our new apartment an hour and a half from what I had known for the past 5 years.

Most of the money we had saved was shot on little moving expenses and just getting settled. We found out that I had a job lined up at Page High School and couldn’t have been more excited; however, I waited about a month before I could officially start (by the way you don’t get a pay check unless you are actually working). Craig on the other hand had a more difficult time finding a job, despite his hard work ethic. So it was really easy to feel like maybe we had made the wrong decision because things weren’t working out financially. It seemed like great jobs were being lined up in front of Craig’s face and then each one falling through; however, in March he began working for UPS after waiting months for an opening. The big disappointment however, came in May when I found out that my school would not be renewing my contract for the upcoming year. Much to the opposition of many of my colleagues and those in the educational field, I shared with the administration that I was pregnant and due in November. My thoughts were that if I shared with them and was honest about the situation and what my plans were as a mother, they would be willing to work with me. NOT SO. I was only an interim teacher meaning they don’t have to work with you on anything. This was just another blow that left my head spinning.

….All that to say that over the past eight months my faith has been refined and tested. I am not one that is great with having faith, although I like to talk like I do. My husband however, has been blessed to have amazing faith and has taught me so much over the past year and a half. I know that God is at work here in Greensboro and in Winston…not to mention in the West home. I am drawn to repentance daily when I think upon my lack of faith but how Jesus has already provided everything that this heart will ever need. So as we walk through this time of financial ‘hardship’ I am able to see God prove himself over and over and over again, even though he gave all the proof I will ever need on the cross.

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