Friday, June 29, 2012

NC Zoo Dino Exhibit

Before Titus was born, to celebrate our five year anniversary, and to get out of the house, we went to the Zoo (isn't that what you do for anniversaries...take your kids some place fun?:)).  They had a dinosaur exhibit that I knew the boys would love, so we packed a cooler and left early one Saturday morning.

Typically, since the NC Zoo is so big and spread out, to prevent any major breakdowns from our boys, we only tackle one continent and that's usually Africa- lions beat polar bears any day.  Plus I was 39 weeks pregnant, all the more reason to walk less.
 Family photo.

 paleontologist speirs
 he was so excited he decided to dance in front of each dinosaur.
 what's that you ask? a triceratops of course.

 who doesn't want to ride a t-rex?
 checking out the directions.
talking with daddy about all the animals

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