Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July Fourth

For the fourth, we spent Thursday night through Monday down in Swansboro which is the longest we have visited since we've been married. So it was nice to slow down and really be able to enjoy our time. My brother and his family were also in town which made the trip even more special. Its nice that our kids can have some time to hang out and get to know one another! The kids did great and we are looking forward to getting some time in at the end of the month before we aren't able to make any more long trips for a while.

Craig has been hired on to the Greensboro Fire Department and begins the Academy on August 2nd. This is HUGE for Craig and our family and we are super excited about it! But that limits our time out of town unless our visits are going to be very short. But either way, we are excited! Here are a few pictures from the weekend, even though they dont capture all that we were able to do while we were there.


My brother and I show our disdain for the others alma mater. I was cold and this was the sweatshirt my mom gave me....thanks.

My brother and his sweet daughter Presley

Corn on the Cob

Flamboyant shorts.

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masawye said...

These pics are great!! Looks like you guys had a great time in Swansboro. Speirs and Wyatt are growing like weeds, I can't believe it!

We actually ended up being in Burlington for the 4th of July. Benny played in a golf tournament with my godfather, Blake. It was a good time!

Tell Craig congrats on the job, keep in touch!