Thursday, May 27, 2010


This past weekend, I traveled with the boys by myself to Swansboro. Not sure I considered all of the logistics of traveling that far by myself with two little ones. Such as: what do I do if I have to go to the bathroom and I dont have a double stroller? You hold it sister!...Yep my post baby bladder handled it like a champ.

Anyhow, I was traveling to attend Madi's (my best friend from high school) wedding reception. She was married on the 6th of May in beeeautiful Costa Rica and wanted to have a reception at her parents in Emerald Isle and it worked out that I was able to go. It was seriously a blast from the past but a great one none the less. I wasn't able to get any pictures at the reception since I was by myself and wasn't going to keep up with a camera, but I did get some pictures of the boys from the weekend.


Xandria said...

Brittany Lynn,

If you don't call me, Imma kick ur butt(that is so country lol) Give me a call. I missed everyone this past weekends at Madi's b/c one of my best friends wedding is on the 12th and we had her bachelorette this past weekend in Myrtle beach. Wish I could have been there. Miss ya much, hope to hear from you soon.

GGP said...


There is a 3v3 tourney coming up July 24th here in Gboro. What will you be doing and do you want to play? Just let me know thought it would be something fun to do. Talk to you soon