Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Days Like This

After being announced Mr. & Mrs. Craig West, Van Morrison's "Days Like This" began playing. You don't experience many days like your wedding day, BUT the days can be sweeter and filled with God honoring and glorifying love. I have also found that the same is true with being a parent and friendships. The days keep getting sweeter. Growing up I had many friends, a bazillion best girl friends, whom I no longer keep up with--great friends huh? But it wasn't until college that I began to experience true friendships, deep, real, genuine friendship. I was still learning. I had changed and become a new, different person. My heart was no longer set on the things it was before and this has changed my friendships.

When I said the days keep getting sweeter, I certainly didn't mean that they get any easier or aren't met with a degree of difficulty, but sweeter they are. The season of college is over for me and most of my friends which means we have all gone out to find our niche in God's beautiful plan. Moved away, grad school, missionaries, moms, teachers, wives, west coast....yet still great friends.

All of these thoughts have been turning about because of the pending move of a dear friend of mine, Jaclyn Konzcal. Jax spent a year in Uganda after college and came home to Winston Salem to wait for her next step. I was able to get up with Jax when she got home and she was a breath of fresh air. Her sweet spirit was refreshing. She began attending 1.21 church and our community group and has helped renew my spirit. Sometimes we need friends to do us get back on the horse and focus. Jax, you will be missed!

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