Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Apple Picking and Tire Swings

I really wanted to take the boys apple picking this year and thankfully I have an awesome husband who gladly agreed! It doesn't seem like the most exciting thing but I really want the boys to know that food grows and doesn't just appear in the grocery store. It's a part of God's design and He brings the harvest. Despite understanding this concept, I really take it for granted, so apple picking was a great activity for us all! Oddly enough the orchard we chose had just had the busiest weekend in its history so it was slim and I mean slim pickins' out there. Craig was the awesome dad who climbed one of the trees to get some of the last apples on the trees! I don't know if you are allowed to climb the trees-but to get apples on this day, you had to!

Wyatt was wore out after about the second tree, so all of the pictures show him lagging behind. His little legs don't move quite fast enough. We enjoyed some wine cake and tire swinging when we were done, which was hands down the best part!

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