Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Have we been? Good question. The month of December flew by in a flash leaving us with a pile of new toys and hopes for another amazing year. During our last Advent Series sermon at 1.21, we were encouraged to look back over 2009 and reflect on the many blessings God in his mercy has poured out on us. A great exercise that until now I haven't taken the time to do. BUT here are a few that I can think of off hand.

1. Our marriage has grown in leaps and bounds toward Christ-centeredness (this is definitely a gift and not something that we were able to muster up)
2. We have been blessed to watch our first son grow up and meet so many new and exciting milestones that included walking in December.
3. We were excited to find out Wyatt Jude will be joining us in April and so far he is super healthy.
4. Financially, God has provided and made us extremely thankful for the things we have.
5. People and blogs have been placed in my life to teach me how to be more frugal and to learn how to coupon:)
Annnd the list goes on....

I am hoping to post some pictures documenting the later portion of our year but my computer is not in the best of shape...so for now Im just writing. Happy 2010! I hope yours has started amazing!


suzziep said...

Hey Brittany!

I'm not sure if you remember me, we went to school together at Swansboro. It seems like so long ago. I haven't kept up with anyone from school either. I'd like to email you so we can talk. What is your email address?

Suzanne Philippe (formerly Hicks)

Brittany West said...

Hey Suzanne! Whoa blast from the past:) My email is brittany.west519@gmail.com Im looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Maria said...

Hi Brittany, so glad to find this blog and see you so happy and fulfilled. I love catching up with all you slumber party girls and seeing that life is so grand for each of you.

Maria Tart