Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Name Game

So we weren't the secretive type with Speirs name and we aren't going to be secretive with this pregnancy either. Obviously everyone is going to have their opinion as to what you should name your child and whether they like the name you have me....I know. Speirs wasn't and still isn't the most popular of names but we love it:) And you naysayers really don't phase me:)
So we've pretty much decided on a name for a boy or girl and I think it's funny that they aren't names we had even thought about for Speirs. Anyhow, on November 24th if we find out that we are blessed to have another bruiser, then his name could perhaps and quite possibly be Wyatt Jude West. Wyatt means little warrior which is right up our alley. Annnd if we have a little girl her name could perhaps and quite possibly be Lia Britt West. Lia, pronounced Leah, from William (Craig's first name for those who don't know) and Britt is obvious. Please note that we aren't definite on the names yet.... but kinda sorta are. Aren't you glad I let you in on our name game?:) Hope you are having a marvelous Wednesday:)!


Andi said...

Hey Britt it's Andi. Get up with me girl. 910-787-8855 Maybe we can catch up, that would be nice.

faithgirl9683 said...

Hi Brittany! It's Ondra. How are you? Sorry that it has been so long! I like both names. Both have character and I really like the combinations of both your's and Craig's name for the girl. However, be prepared for a lot of cowboy stuff if you find out you will be having a boy (Wyatt West-perfect cowboy name). Can't wait for more updates! Take care, Sweetie!