Thursday, July 23, 2009

Weekend Fun!

Craig finally got a Saturday off...and one that we could spend in our city! It was marvelous to say the least. We got to grill out with friends on Friday, Farmer's Market Saturday morning and then music downtown with Daniel, Melissa and Miss Hannah. We assumed our weekend fun was over after corporate worship on Sunday morning but after having some Mellow with a group from church, we spontaneously decided to go hike/climb at Pilot Mountain. The weekend was great and I'm so glad we got to enjoy it as a family!

Speirs never really gets a great nap on Sunday morning because of his time in the nursery, so in the afternoon he usually crashes. I wondered how he would handle the hike and he did so wonderful! He fell asleep sitting up! HA! poor kid. Hope you enjoy some of the pics from the weekend!

Mr. Owen Speirs...lookin' tough

Sweet Miss Hannah Joy

Our City....

Krankies- the Local Coffee Place that we love.

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