Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So I decided to get a bit old skool on the pics after talking with my college roommate of four years, Megan annnnd I realized I only had maybe two really old photos and the rest of which came from my year spent with the beautiful girls of Lifetime. So here is a quick little tour down memory lane....

We were headed to California....she now lives there and works for FCA!

We are all excited for Elizabeth's arrival back in the US of A. She's been a missionary in Buenos Aires since Sept of 2007!! She should be home just in time for another little arrival:)!
Lifetime Girls on Barrymore Street or was it Court?:)

Annnnnd Im not quite sure......

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Julianna said...

I LOVE the lifetime post :)
those were the glory days...hahahhaha
and i still am not sure about barrymore being court or street, BUT we have the sign in the basement, soooooo